Alpha Tutorials is a registered charity based in Leicester. We provide support, training and recognised qualification for everyone; current students, new students, adults or individuals looking to retrain later in their lives. 

We offer various GCSE, AS and A Level courses, as well as other courses aimed at improving your future. (We only supplement what has been taught in Schools and Colleges and do not provide full courses.) We also offer the Primary Key Stage 2 Curriculum for Children above 7 years old.  We Offer the National Key State 3 Curriculum to Year 7, 8 and 9 Secondary School Students providing them a chance to study Maths, English & Science.

The GCSE Programme for the Core Subjects – Maths, English and Science at Key Stage 4 is Offered to Year 10 and Year 11.

We take on external candidates for all GCSE & A level exams with all the major exam boards but do not do any of the A-Level Practical’s. Simply drop us an email or call us during our opening times and we will assist. Please note that our students get first priority for external exams.


We do not publish our results on our website of our past students.  Each student is an Individual.  If a student who has been to Alpha and has succeeded in their education, then it is mainly due to their own initiative, hard work and parental support.  As teachers we only guide them through their learning journey.