About Us

Hello & Welcome To Alpha Tutorials College

We are Alpha Tutorials. We are a registered charity enabling children, young people and adults who are unemployed in the community of Leicester. Our most important mission is to make education accessible. We focus on providing free education to adults, teaching them transferable skills for not just the workplace but for everyday life.

We charge an annual fee for those under 18 years of age to study the core subjects – Maths, English and Science. Then we take some of that money and put it straight into providing free internet access to adults who may not be able to afford access to the internet or technology.

Alpha is located in an area of Leicester where the majority of unemployed adults are from the BME community, over the age of 40 and who don’t have the necessary transferable skills which they’d like to have and need to have to be able to flourish in a local working environment. In this area, often people also struggle with the English language and that can be a big barrier in everyday life for them. We want to help to change these struggles and help people feel as though they can be successful within the community and in the workplace.

We are a team of 12 teachers who spend our time supporting our community and the results speak for themselves. We generate income through room hire and we support private candidates sitting external exams with all major exam boards for GCSE and A-Levels for the AQA, OCR, Cambridge, EDEXCEL and WJEC boards, and we maintain partnerships with other educational providers.

But Why Alpha?

We started Alpha Tutorials because we are passionate that everyone, everywhere should have access to education, no matter their background. I want to provide everyone with
opportunities to support their future.

In the past we have worked with various Further Education and Sixth Form Colleges, providing basic skills, employability skills, and various ICT qualifications. We also provide
work experience to Leicester College students for Hardware and Networking Skills.

We’ve also had various community projects that hire a room and use our facilities.

We are a ‘Good Things Foundation’ centre.

See our YouTube Video here with a Quick Tour of Alpha Tutorials College

Support Our Community

In our spare time we support Syston Methodist Church’s Food Bank, we do this by collecting mostly dried foods, such as rice and pasta. We also collect tinned foods and anything non perishable. Contact us to get involved!